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Dalian Selinda International Trading Co., Ltd ’s Internship Recruitment Info.

Company instruction

Selinda International Group is a comprehensive international trade Company with more than 15 years experience specializing in wooden products such as waterproof flooring, solid flooring, engineered flooring and a vast amount of state of the art appliances and accessories related within this field. Our company is located in a beautiful coastal city named Dalian in the North East of China. We have subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Australia and The United States of America. We also have multinational business partners around the world.

Our company started from humble beginnings as a small foreign trading firm which gradually progressed into a mature, comprehensive company. Our expertise is the wood industry and our principle is “integrity and quality come first” At Selinda we advocate green and environmentally friendly concepts, provide excellent quality products and the best possible service to our domestic and overseas clients.

Selinda is also committed to exporting various products such as solid engineered flooring, solid wooden floors, engineered doors, etc. Our company is a shareholder in factories in Dalian and in Huzhou and has established successful long term cooperation with several other factories that provide excellent quality products and services. We have an excellent partnership with customers from 18 countries such as Australia, the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Denmark to name but a few.

From selling our products over many years to our international customers, we have established a close relationship and strong bond. We have taken part in world class exhibitions such as Surface, in Las Vegas, United States, and Domotex, Hannover, Germany. These events have further enhanced our reputation and gained full trust from our customers.

Selinda established its import department in 2013 in order to meet the increasing demand in China. We are doing laminate flooring, wood, red wine, chocolate, Korean food and clothing, Belgian food and olive oil. We have successfully expanded our export and import business in 2015. Our joint venture winery is fully established with our partner in Australia. It aims to import Australian wine and provides resources to support quality assurance. Selinda group will adhere to quality, prosperity and honesty. Long lasting relationships and generation inheritance is the goal of our company.

Job description:

Position: International project coordinator (Intern 1)

l  Assist project manager to prepare documentation.

l  Upload and deal with buyer’s online request (Inventory, update product information and provide quality services to buyers and dealers)

l  Contact with dealers and buyers via email or photo calls to ensure that clients are completely understand our product and service. Report to manager accordingly for clients needs.

 l  Prepare purchasing invoice and contract for dealers and buyers, maintain a good relationship with existing clients and explore new market.


l  Excellent level of English. Preferably that student has good score in IELTS, TOFEL and GMAT.

l  Passionate in working in E-commerce field, willing to work long term in the position.

l  Hard worker, fast learn, capable to work under pressure.

l  Good user of Windows Office software.

l  Internship: 3-6 months.

Position: Assistant of International Business (Intern 2)

l  Foreign customer development and follow-up, contact and information arrangement; establish good relationship with customers;

l  Have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, search for wood products, liquor, food and other industries of the products, contact suppliers, develop procurement plan;

Assist in planning meetings, activities, exhibitions, etc., compile project plans and implement projects. Reception of visiting foreign partners.


l  Excellent level of English. Preferably that student has good score in IELTS, TOFEL and GMAT.

l  Good presentation and communication skills, able to communicate by telephone.

l  Tourism, exhibition related business experience is preferred.

l  Internship: 3-6 months.

Treatment for two positions:

Internship allowance (1500rmb/Full monthly attendance + transport subsidy + meal allowance), weekends, holidays, promotion, overseas training opportunities and wonderful staff activities.

Please send your CV to email