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CSC Scholarship Application Information 2017

CSC Scholarship Application Information 2017                                     

1. Scholarship CategoriesUndergraduate students, Master’s students, Doctoral students, Chinese Language & Business Chinese Program students, General scholars, Senor Scholars 2. Where and When to ApplyOption 1: Apply to the dispatching authorities of your country or local Chinese embassy or consulate. Contact us for the Pre-admission Letter once recommended by the dispatching authorities as an eligible candidate. Candidates holding a Pre-admission Letter will be placed in the host university by CSC. You need to apply between January and March. Please consult the dispatching authorities for the specific deadline of each year. Option 2: Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program. This scholarship is only available to Master’s and doctoral students. Applicants may apply through our university directly.  3. Recruit foreigners(1) Currently study or work abroad. (2) From Japan, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries near China.  4. MajorsAll majors are available to apply. Please look through the appendix.  5. Instruction Language(1) All the programs are instructed in Chinese (students may apply one year Chinese preparatory course if their Chinese level do not reach the criteria). (2) The following majors are instructed in English: Bachelor’s program: Business Administration Master’s program: International Trade, Financial Management, International Business and Management Doctoral program: Financial Management, Accounting, Auditing, Finance, Management Science and Engineering, Statistics, E-commerce, Quantitative Economics, Western Economics, International Trade, Public Finance, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Business Management, etc. (3) Please contact School of International Education for more information if applicants want to apply other majors instructed in English.  6. Content and Criteria of Scholarship(1) The duration of Bachelor’s Program is 4 years, Chinese Language & Business Chinese Program students, General scholars and Senor Scholars are 1 year, Master’s Program is 2.5 years, and Doctoral Program is 3 years. Duration for scholarship specified at the admission notice is cannot be extended in principle. (2) Scholarship is full amount including: tuition, accommodation fee, comprehensive medical insurance, living allowance. (3) International travel expenses are not included in Chinese University Program. In some countries, International travel expenses may be covered to the students who apply for scholarship through option 1(Type A). For further information please contact the related dispatching authorities.  (4) Living allowance is granted to the scholarship students monthly. Doctoral degree students and senior scholars: 3500 RMB/month, Master’s degree students and general scholars: 3000 RMB/month, Bachelor’s degree: 2500 RMB/month.  7. Requirements for Applicants(1) Applicants have to be the foreigners who obey Chinese laws and regulations and university disciplines, respect Chinese customs and habits and have good morality. (2) Applicants for Bachelor’s Degree program must have high school degree certified by MOE and be under age of 25. (3) Applicants for Master’s Degree program must have Bachelor’s degree certified by MOE and two recommendation letters by professors or associate professors and be under age of 35. (4) Applicants for Doctoral Degree program must have Master’s degree certified by MOE two recommendation letters by professors or associate professors and be under age of 40. (5) Applicants for general scholars must have high school degree certified by MOE and be under age of 45. (6) Applicants for senor scholars must have Master’s degree certified by MOE and be associate professor or higher and under age of 50. (7) Applicants have no other scholarships from China government.  8. Application Procedures(1) Register and log in ‘The Chinese Government Scholarship Information System’ ( ), fill in and submit the application form. Applicants who apply for scholarship through option 1 should choose ‘Program Category Type A’. The ‘Agency Number’ can only be obtained from the dispatching authorities or the corresponding universities upon recommendation. Applicants who apply for scholarship though option 2 should choose ‘Program Category Type B’. The ‘Agency Number’ of DUFE is 10173. An application with incorrect ‘Agency Number’ will not be accepted. (2) Applicants should also register and log in ‘DUFE Online Application For International Students’ ( ), fill in and submit the application form.  9. Application Documents (please provide all the documents in Chinese or English) (1) Highest degree certificate. If applicants are still study in other schools, or have a job, the verification of study or employment should be attached; (2) Academic transcripts; (3) Certificate of HSK or BCT for the program instructed in Chinese (not necessary); Certificate of IELTS or TOEFL for programs instructed in English (except mother language is English). (4) Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (printed by Chinese Quarantine Authorities), original copies of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner must be carried when entering China; (5) Study and Research Scheme (at least 800 words); (6) Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors for applicants who apply for Master’s program and Doctoral Program; (7) Scanned copy of passport; (8) Lists of publication (including paper title, journal name and time), if any; (9) Lists of award certificates or works for particular talents and special skills, if any; * All the application Documents must be submitted on ‘The Chinese Government Scholarship Information System’ and ‘DUFE Online Application For International Students’. It is not necessary to post the hand copies. 9. Application DeadlineMarch 31, 2017 10. Class starts DateSeptember 2017 11. ContactsMs. Julie ZHAO, Mr. Liu Xiaodong Phone:  0086-411-84712106 Fax:     0086-411-84712278 Email:  Website:     Appendix: List of Majors Bachelor’s Degrees:Accounting Administrative Management Advertisement Assets Evaluation Business Administration Business English Chinese Language Computer Science and Technology E-Commerce Economics Engineering Management Finance Financial Engineering Financial Management Human Resources Management Information Management and Information System Insurance International Economics and Trade Japanese Journalism Labor and Social Security Law Logistics Management Management Science Marketing Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Public Finance Public Service Administration Real estate development and management Sociology Statistics Taxation Tourism Management Master’s Degrees:Public Finance Constitution and Administrative Law Criminal Law Civil and Commercial Law Studies Economic Law Business Administration Techno-economic and Management Marketing Human Resources Management Logistics Management Corporate Governance National Economics Regional Economics Sociology Administrative Management Education Economics and Management Social Security Land Resources Management Computer Application Technology Management Science and Engineering E-commerce World Economics International Trade Finance Financial Engineering Insurance Population, Resources and Environmental Economics Quantitative Economics History of Economic Thought Economic History Western Economics Industrial Economics Labor Economics Accounting Financial Management Tourism Management Philosophy of Science and Technology Political Theory The Basic Principles of Marxism Marxism with Chinese Characteristics Ideological and Political Education Finance and Risk Statistics Statistics    Doctoral Degrees:Public Finance Business Management

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