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Long-Term Chinese Language Program & Business Chinese Progrom
Admission Requirements:
1. High school graduate;
2. Over 16 years old and healthy.
Start Date:
Spring semester: early March
Fall semester: early September
Application Dealine:
Spring semester: 31st March
Fall semester: 30th September
Students having Chinese basis can be placed in appropriate classes anytime
Tuition Fee: 16,500 RMB/ academic year
Application Fee: 680RMB
Main courses: Intensive Reading, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Advanced and Intermediate Writing,etc.
Main business language training courses: Basic Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Business Chinese, Business Chinese Speaking, China Economic Issues, etc.
Electives: Chinese Pronunciation, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Characters Reading and Writing, Newspaper Reading, Chinese Folklore, Economic Reading, Chinese Cooking, Martial arts, Erhu (Chinese traditional music instrument), Paper Cutting, Tai Chi, etc.
A variety of practical activities: sightseeing, company visit, language practice activity, etc.
Application Materials
1. Application form; 
2. Photocopy of passport;
3. Certificate of highest degree.
Application Procedure
1. Information.
If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us by email or phone.
2. Submission process.
The application form can be completed online or downloaded from our website.
Application materials can be submitted through email, post or by hand to our office.
3. Application fee.
The application fee can be paid online, at IICLC office in cash, by international postal remittance (via the Post Office) or by bank transfer to our account.
4. An admission notice and JW202 form will be issued after approval of the application.
5. The applicant can bring admission documents and a valid passport to the Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa to enter China.
Summer Short-Term Chinese Language Program
Admission Requirements:
1. High school graduate;
2. Over 16 years old and healthy.
Start Date: middle of July
Application Dealine: middle of July
Main courses: Elementary Chinese, Chinese Speaking, Basic Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Comprehensive Chinese
A variety of practical activities: sightseeing, fied trip, language practice activity, etc.
Other Short-Term Chinese Language Program
Class schedule can be designed for group (more than 10 students). Please contact us for more details.
Tuition Fee: 1,600 RMB/ one week;
                     2,200 RMB/ two weeks;
                     2,600 RMB/ three weeks;
                     3,000 RMB/ four weeks.
Application Fee: 580RMB




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