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Mater’s Program (Chinese Medium)

International students can apply to all Master’s programs in Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. Currently, international students have enrolled in  majors including International Trade, Business Management, Finance, Tourism Management, etc.
Course Length: 2.5 years
Admission Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree;
2. HSK6 (180) or BCT4;
3. Recommended by two professors or associate professors;
4. Pass the entrance examination.
Application Deadline: 31st July
Start Date:  early September
Tuition Fee: 25,000 RMB/ academic year
Application Fee: 800RMB
Application Materials
1. A completed application form with photo and signature;
2. Copies of Diplomas and Certificates and Official transcripts;
3. Certificate of HSK or BCT test;
4. Two recommendation letters by professors or associate professors;
5. Personal statement;
6. Copy of passport.
Application Procedure
1. Information.
If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us by email or phone.
2. Submission process.
The application form can be completed online or downloaded from our website.
Application materials can be submitted through email, post or by hand to our office.
3. Application fee.
The application fee can be paid online, at IICLC office in cash, by international postal remittance (via the Post Office) or by bank transfer to our account.
4. An admission notice and JW202 form will be issued after approval of the application.
5. The applicant can bring admission documents and a valid passport to the Chinese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa to enter China.
Master’s Degree Programs
1.   Tourism Management
2.   International Economics and Trade
3.   Business Administration
4.   Public Finance
5.   Finance
6.   Marketing
7.   Philosophy of Science and Technology
8.   Public Economics and Public Policy
9.   History of Economic Thought
10. Economic History
11. Western Economics
12. World Economy
13. Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
14. National Economics
15. Regional Economics
16. Industrial Economics
17. Labor Economics
18. Statistics
19. Quantitative Economics
20. Financial Engineering
21. Public Economy and Public Policies
22. Industrial Organization
23. Economics of Regulation
24. Insurance
25. Economics of Investment
26. Finance and Risk Statistics
27. Legal History
28. Constitution and Administrative Law
29. Civil and Commercial Law Studies
30. Criminal Law
31. Science of Procedure Law
32. Economic Law
33. International Law
34. Political Theory
35. Sociology 
36. The Basic Principles of Marxism
37. Marxism in China
38. Ideological and Political Education
39. Chinese Modern and Contemporary History
40. Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
41. Computer Application Technology
42. Management Science and Engineering
43. E-commerce
44. Accounting
45. Techno-economic and Management
46. Financial Management
47. Human Resources Management
48. Logistics Management
49. Corporate Governance
50. Auditing
51. Public Administration
52. Education Economics and Management
53. Social Security
54. Land Resources Management


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