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MSc in International Trade Program (in English)

In 2011, DUFE launched the Master of International Trade program (fully English medium) which dedicates to provide an international study environment and foster world-class economics and trade elites with an international vision. This program is to provide overseas students with two and a half years of analytical training focused on theories and practical skills on the international trade, to provide students with a platform to develop the critical thinking skills and knowledge necessary to become exports at analyzing international markets, international business negotiation, promotion and implementation of import and export, and international economic cooperation.
After graduation, graduate will be able to work in various areas such as multinational corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, or academic organizations.
All courses offered in this program are taught in English by qualified faculty approved by the graduate college at DUFE. Faculty members have a diverse background and most of them have been trained at some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world and have impressive lists of publications and academic achievements. Teaching materials are chosen from popular textbooks and cases used in American and European economics and business schools and are combined with the practice of Chinese business techniques.
Each student in the program conducts research in his/her area of particular interest under the guidance of a DUFE faculty member.

The duration of Program is two and a halfyears.
18 moths: Course study on campus;
one Year:  Research and thesis.
Application Procedures
We strongly suggest you go through our website ( or to read the overall introductions of our Master Programs in English before you start to apply. For any enquiries, please contact the IICLC office.
Applications are accepted only for the fall term. The deadline is July 31.
Applications submitted without the application fee will be withdrawn from the review process.
Admission Requirements
1. A completed application form in hard copy with photo and signature.
2. Copies of Diplomas and Certificates (originals need to be provided for validation).
3. Personal statement.
4. Stamped official transcripts. Applicants from non-native English countries are required to submit a copy of their transcript(s) along with a certified English translation.
5. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors.
6. English proficiency (TOFEL or IICLC or other Ministry of Education approved English tests taken within three years at time of application. Language tests are waived for native speakers or non-native English speakers who obtained a college degree from an English speaking country when the language of instruction is English);
8. Non-refundable application fee of 800 RMB. DO NOT send cash or check inside your application materials.
9. Copy of passport
10. Scholarship form (optional)
1.  IICLC will send Admission Notice, JW 202 and other documents within 30 days to qualified applicants.
2. International students need to apply for the study visa (“X” or “F”) with JW202 Form, Admission Notice, Passport and other documents in Chinese Embassy or Consulates of their country.
3. Students are required to register at International Institute of Chinese Language and Culture on time with passport, JW202 form, and admission notice.
The current tuition rate is 35,000RMB (around US $5600) per academic year. This does not cover costs of room and board, books and course materials, medical care services, field trip related expenses and other personal expenses.
The cost of an on-campus dormitory is between 37RMB and 60RMB per day depending on amenities.
Financial Support
Limited scholarships are available for qualified students. Applicants must submit the scholarship application letter with their application materials. Information regarding scholarships will be announced on IICLC’s website.
Course Requirements
International Trade Program
A total of 38 graduate credit hours are required to complete the program, including a thesis. The program is comprised of 22 hours of required courses, 14 hours of elective courses, and 2 hours of field trip studies. The requirements are as follows:
Required Basic Courses
Survey of China (1 c)
Chinese Economy (2 c)
Basic Chinese (3 c)
Business Chinese (3 c)
Economics (3 c)
China’s foreign-related economic laws and regulations (2 c)
Econometrics (3 c)
Required Core Courses
International Trade Theory and Policy (3 c)
International Financial Issues (3 c)
Elective Courses
Practice of international trade (2 c)
International Technical Trade Issues (2 c)
International Marketing (2 c)
History of Economic Integration (2 c)
Operation Analysis of International Corporation (2 c)
Management (2 c)
Research Method (2 c)
Macroeconomics (2 c)
Master’s Thesis
Students are required to complete a thesis as one of the exit requirements. Each thesis will be supervised and approved by a committee of three to five members. The student’s responsibility for fulfilling this degree requirement does not end until the thesis has been formally accepted by the Graduate School.
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